The comic plot

The Soulkeepers existed centuries ago…

Nocturnal creatures with the ability to become immortal by capturing the soul of a human being.

When this happens it means that the human soul is trapped forever within the creature and without a chance of escape. Also the creature become much more agile and powerful in the presence of fear of people.

Realizing the existence of these creatures a secret sect of monks, self-appointed Monks of Light, under the leadership of its leader, The Grand Master, devoted their entire lives and studies in science and white magic to fight against these terrible creatures that began to multiply their numbers.

Finally the great battle between Light Monks and the Soulkeepers occurred. The Light Monks almost managed to defeat the fearsome creatures, but at a high price since most of them were killed in the fight.

The Grandmaster realizing that his own death would weak the power line of the Light Monks and fearing that in the future the fearsome creatures might return decided to leave his legacy to mankind and for this they constructed a legendary weapon known as The Legacy, a powerful magica -mechanical artifact with the ability to free the captured human souls by the Soulkeepers.

But The Legacy would not work for anyone, just a man whose heart is not touched by fear would be able to activate it and deal with it the terrible threat of Soulkeepers. Before dying the Grand Master trust Haste Haste withe The Legacy. Hector was endowed with super-human longevity and would not die until he found the true bearer of The Legacy and take him to fulfill his mission to end with the Soulkeepers .

Years passed and finally today was that the threat of Soulkeepers resurfaced …

Now Hector Haste, as an old school teacher, will have to find the true bearer of the legacy before it’s too late and end with the mission that he failed centuries ago …

Ending the threat of Soulkeepers once and for all.